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Beretta Accessory Case fits Tactical Explorer Trolley

$69.00 $45.00

Designed to fit snugly inside the Beretta Tactical Trolley!

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Designed to fit snugly inside the Beretta Tactical Trolley, the Accessory Case is a removable soft briefcase that offers you customizable compartments with Velcro spacers. 
A veritable case within a case! It allows you to easily carry the most critical items to your shooting station without lugging around the whole trolley; also, you can set it up as a convenient shelving unit within the trolley.
Rubber handle, detachable strap, no-noise zipper.
Pro-shop catalog image shows it with a Beretta Patch, the patch is sold separatly.
Made in Italy.

Dimension: 20"x 11"x 5½" Weight: 2.75 lbs

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