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Beretta Accessory Case fits Tactical Explorer Trolley

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Designed to fit snugly inside the Beretta Tactical Trolley!

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Designed to fit snugly inside the Beretta Tactical Trolley, the Accessory Case is a removable soft briefcase that offers you customizable compartments with Velcro spacers. 
A veritable case within a case! It allows you to easily carry the most critical items to your shooting station without lugging around the whole trolley; also, you can set it up as a convenient shelving unit within the trolley.
Rubber handle, detachable strap, no-noise zipper.
Pro-shop catalog image shows it with a Beretta Patch, the patch is sold separatly.
Made in Italy.

Dimension: 20"x 11"x 5½" Weight: 2.75 lbs

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5 out of 5

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5 out of 5

Good quality medium size bag


What I like about this bag is the separation compartments that make locating specific items easy to see and retrieve. I had been using another bag that opened from the top and sometimes whatever was in the compartment mixed together. This case is medium sized and perfect for organizing things for a day at the shooting range. I put my ammunition, headgear, and magazines in it and carry two pistols in a separate bag because there is not enough room for them. The bag was shown with the explorer trolley which allowed the two pistols to be carried in the outer cover compartment but that would not be sufficient protection without the trolley. I like the case mainly because of the organization and quality and will look for a larger, similar case that can carry the guns as well but it is very handy and easy to use.

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