Beretta APX Grip Frame, Flat Dark Earth color

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# E01642

Beretta APX Grip Frame Flat Dark Earth color, it's sold with two additional back straps: thin and large size.


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Beretta APX Grip Frame Flat Dark Earth color, it's sold with two additional back straps: thin and large size.

Unique modular chassis system allows replacement, reconfiguration, size tailoring, including:
Different sizes
Different color grip frames
Customization of the frame without destroying the gun (stippling)
Ability to easily customize your APX; modifications like ‘stippling’ become less risky thanks to an easily-interchangeable frame. The break-down of the gun in its basic subcomponents also allows users to maintain their APX more easily.
Click Here for download the full APX Owner Manual (34 MB)

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Like Potato Chips, You Can't Have Just One


I am not typically a fan of striker fired pistols. Have owned them all and sold all but one - the VP9. Only reason I keep it is because of the grip. It just melts into my hand. The trigger is crunchy as it works the various safeties on takeup. Not the APX - its my new favorite. The trigger is smooth on short takeup with a clean predictable break. Shape of the grip is excellent and doesn't rub my strong hand thumb knuckle like many of the other high hold deep grip striker frames out there. The APX grip frame and modular design makes detail cleaning a snap and allows fun customization of the colors. I bought the FDE and ODG grips to go with the black one. Stood at the workbench with my daughter and we played around with different grip frame and insert combinations until we found the combos we liked. Pistol dress-up. We liked the black insert with the ODG frame and then the ODG insert on the FDE frame. Quality and fit with the chassis are excellent. I'll likely buy the grey.

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