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Beretta B-ON Sunglasses

# OC011A23530999UNI

Lighting conditions change fast whether you are an hunter, a shooter or an outdoor lover. Your eyeglasses should too.

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  • B-on eyeglasses are the first LCd hunting and shooting eyeglasses.
  • Introducing the world’s first LCD hunting and shooting eyeglasses.
  • Control your tintmanually with a touch of a button or set it to change automatically.
  • The B-On eyeglasses is powered by e-Tint®.
  • The revolutionary patented liquid crystal technology enable hunters, shooters and outdoor lovers to instantly change tint in less than 0,1 second.
  • With B-On eyeglasses and e-Tint® technology your visibility is improved and eye strain is reduced.
  • The B-On eyeglasses are equipped with a “fail-safe” mechanism to ensure your safety.
  • In the event of a power failure, the eyewear will automatically default to clear.

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