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Misleading Documentation


Got my Training kit today and in the docs it states that the practice kit contains three different recoil springs to work with different types of ammo. Mine didn't have that, so I called customer support and they said that it no longer ships with that. They also couldn't tell me what lb the spring was that shipped with the kit. That's fine, i guess I'll figure out what works, but update your product documentation.


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Seems a bit expensive


Ok, I get that it mounts to my existing 92FS frame and all, but for less that $350 that Beretta is asking one could get Beretta Neos, or a Ruger Mark III, or a S&W 22A and not have to fuss with switching things around. I'm consdering this but leaning towards getting a whole separate firearm for much less.

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Could be way better!


Lets start with jam jam jam jam jam jam then we can go to the worst packing of anything i have ever bought online had to send first one back it was so damaged in transit. Returning it was the best part of whole transaction! To be fair it could be the mags but for 45 bucks a pop it sure as hell shouldn't be the mags! And for just under 400 bucks for the kit it sure as damn hell not be the kit. When it works it is as fun as shooting can possibly be and with living in commifornia it feels good to stick it to dumbest educated governmental officials by only having one pistol in my name! That's why it even gets a three star rating. i would recommend buy any other 22 pistol unless overpriced cool factor is your thing. Beretta if you read this please post any advice easily found on your website i would like hear what you have to say in response and i know you can contact me i have been getting emails everyday since my purchase, got one while writing this. PS the 92fs 9mm is fantastic!

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3 out of 5

Not bad, but not great.


I like that i can keep my trigger setup, but if you are using the double action hammer spring you might get some light strikes. It happened to me twice in about 100 rounds with the lighter spring but once i put in the factory spring i went 900 rounds without a failure. I will try an 18 pound spring one of these days. Should be noted that i am using a skeleton hammer as well. Also i had some trouble getting it on the first time i used it. The barrel was moving forward slightly and i had to push it in from the front to get the take down lever to clear. I am more careful taking it on and off now though and it doesnt always happen. Once it is on it shoots very well. Final gripe is the low quality aluminum slide. My front site is slightly off center to the right side so i had to adjust the sites to accommodate for it. This is true of many centerfire pistols i have owned, but this kit costs as much as a new gun. Thankfully it has an adjustable sight. I would not buy this if i could go

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