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5 out of 5

Worth Every Penny


I've had my kit for over 4 years now. I put 800 rds through it the first day I bought it. It is very good to practice trigger transitions, introduce new shooters to the Beretta, and get lots of good reps w/out spending a fortune. Never had any failures to feed - any problems have been with the ammo. Only gripe I have is that the magazines are very expensive. I wish they held more rds. It would be nice if Beretta offered the .22 kit as a package deal with a new 92 - two guns in one. Bottom line: it's worth every penny.


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5 out of 5

cheap practice


received the unit about 10days ago.It replaces the .40 cal barrel and slide with no problem. I have about 100 CCI mini mags and 350 federal 36 grain jhps through it with only one failure to eject. Good for practicing DA to SA transition without spending a fortune.


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5 out of 5

92 Practice kit


I just got the practice kit about a week ago. I ordered it on a Tuesday and it was in my hands on Thursday. Shipping was free. I think it is great. I have only shot about 300 rounds through it with only one failure to eject. I have never had a failure with the 9mm. The aluminium slide is much lighter then the stainless. It's great using the same grip and trigger pull for practice. Rear sights are adjustable but it shoots perfect right out of the box. The speed loader is helpful in the loading the magazine. The magazine is only 10 rounds. A larger mag would be nice. Ammo is super cheap. So I can use more ammo working drills before switching back to 9MM. Glad I bought it.


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5 out of 5

Very nice!


The first time I tried it with the frame of an Elite I. The slide did not cycle properly. Failures to load and failures to feed all the time. Today I used it the frame of an Elite II and it worked flawlessly. I shot about 200 rounds without a single problem. Worth every penny.


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5 out of 5

Pricey but worth it..I think


I was interested in buying one of these and was watching the Beretta web site as they were out of stock. As soon as I saw they were in stock I ordered it. Very fast shipping. Once received , I wiped it down with oil and assembled the kit on my 92FS. I took it to the range and fired several magazines of Federal HV value pack ammo without any issues. Then for grins and chuckles I fired several magazines of Federal Target (711b). I was told that I should use only HV ammo in any conversion unit, but it functioned just fine with the target ammo. Accuracy was better than expected, at 7yds, 10 shots into a quarter size group and most of those shots in a single hole a nickel would cover. Not a target 22 but pretty good. I had 1 failure to feed at round 97 but that was the only issue. As far as the practice kit theory, the gun has many differences in weight, recoil, and it seemed the trigger felt a little different. All in all I think it is going to work but that is to be determined. I would at this point recommend this product to friends.


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5 out of 5

it's great--really


Not really, just wanted to see if this was posted. I think the practice kit makes the 92 way too light. I much prefer my CZ 75 adapters as they keep the pistol the same weight as the centerfire.

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5 out of 5

Two Guns in One


An exceptional way to practice with cheaper .22LR ammos. I no longer have to borrow wife's F87 Cheetah to practice. A bit expensive but should pay for itself very fast.

5 out of 5

Great Kit


Bought this for my wife's 92 and it works great. Tried it out om 96 and ended up using it all night it was so much fun. Worth the price, wish it had 2 mags.

5 out of 5

Accurate and lots of fun


I just received this kit today and went immediately to the range. I had time to put about 100 rounds of Walmart bulk 22lr through it. I am amazed at the accuracy of the unit. I had about 3 fte's but I expect that will correct itself after a breakin period. Love it.

5 out of 5

.22 Kit worth it!


The kits slips right onto my 92FS. The price of .22 ammo makes this purchase worth every penny. The only thing it's needs included is either a larger capacity clip or multiple clips.


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