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Awesome Grips


Just installed these on my 92A1 and they fit perfectly flush to the frame and enhance the look of the gun while maintaining the black "stealthy" look. I also have the newer checkered wood grips but reverted to the black plastic ones after one day as the wood grips made the gun handle too thick, even for my large hands. Not so with these aluminum grips, if anything they slightly reduce the overall thickness of the handle. And the gripping of the checkering on these grips is much better than the original plastic grips, the plastic grips seem smooth by comparison. I did not use the lock washers for the screws, they made the screws protrude out too far and from the look of the pictures here, Beretta did not use the lock washers either in their pictures, it's the only way to have the screws flush with the grips. Just plain awesome grips, I highly recommend them.


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