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3 out of 5

Good not perfect


The grips fit nice and the grading is real exact. They feel much different than the plastic. However, the white part of the titan has small stains on one side. And, the grips are not as thin as I would have liked. I think Beretta should include the hex screws required to attached these grips. Not sure the grips are worth the money. I do like removing plastic parts and replacing it with metal.

3 out of 5



Nice looking, great grip. Lockwashers cannot be used as it prodrudes the screws from the sides of the grip. Poor Design/Great Idea. I sent mine back.

3 out of 5

logo fade


I bought these grips based on the look & high reviews. grips went on without a hitch, perfect fit - good. Grip feels great, compfortable.. The bad, the bright logo, which looks awesome when first put on, faded/rubbed off after handling the gun for about 10 minutes. I think a little gun oil got on it and immediately removed the bright paint or whatever it is... The should have coated with some protectant or clear..

3 out of 5

Do these grips fit on the M9 Model ?


Does any one know if these grips fit properly on the M9 Model ? I think they look great and most people seem to speak highly of them (even for $78.00 + S&H). The M9 also comes with the Hex Screws; are the Flathead Screws necessary for a tight fit ? Any thoughts or clarification is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your input and responses.

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3 out of 5

Very poor quality


Very sharp to the hands. The metal literally hurts my hand when I grip it.The design is good, but the manufacturing process was poor. I had to take them off. Just wasted my money. Sometime I will include them in a garage sale. POOR quality on the manufacturing.Just looking nice does not mean quality.

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