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5 out of 5

Awesome Grips


Just installed these on my 92A1 and they fit perfectly flush to the frame and enhance the look of the gun while maintaining the black "stealthy" look. I also have the newer checkered wood grips but reverted to the black plastic ones after one day as the wood grips made the gun handle too thick, even for my large hands. Not so with these aluminum grips, if anything they slightly reduce the overall thickness of the handle. And the gripping of the checkering on these grips is much better than the original plastic grips, the plastic grips seem smooth by comparison. I did not use the lock washers for the screws, they made the screws protrude out too far and from the look of the pictures here, Beretta did not use the lock washers either in their pictures, it's the only way to have the screws flush with the grips. Just plain awesome grips, I highly recommend them.


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5 out of 5

Excellant Grips


After trying wood, plastic and rubber grips I purchased these and found my sweet spot. Both thin, light weight and tuff. Best buy I've made yet. Highly recommend!!!


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5 out of 5

The Best For 92 Series


I definitely like the feel of the Beretta AlumaGrips much better than the stock plastic ones. The checkering is more aggressive providing better control of your firearm. As one reviewer had mentioned, go ahead and pony up for the slotted screws as well, they seem to be higher quality than the hex screws (I almost stripped the hex screws first time unscrewing them). Although the trident logo is bright white when shipped, it will slightly darken with any contact using gun oil. Thus, it will look exactly like the pictures here, which I think looks awesome. Highly recommended.


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5 out of 5

A must have......


Just put these on my Inox and you cant believe the grip you have. This is the third gun I have aluminum grips on and the gun just doesnt move in your hand when you shoot it. So you get must better 2nd shot accuracy and not to mention a great look. This is the way to go......

5 out of 5

alum grip washers


Yes, beautiful grips! But you can't use orig. washers and you cant go with out (Loose grips) Customer service was nice enough to tell me to go to a hardware store and buy flat washers? Thanks Customer service

5 out of 5

Great Product


Definitely a good buy. Was a little shakey because of the initial cost, but when it came and was installed, I was very pleased. Very worth it. Has increased grip when shooting. The checkering could grate cheese compared to the plastic. Very nice, very solid grip, especially in the rain. Last note, my gun is blued. Beretta! Put it on a INOX gun and post pictures. I would like to see that look. Consider ordering hex screws. Because of this gun's popularity, it too will give you a unique look at the range.

5 out of 5

These feel great


They are a bit thinner than the factory grips and give the grip a flatter (less rounded) feel that works well for me. The metal with its aggressive checkering feels very secure in your hands. I should warn you that I had snapped the factory hex screw off by over tightening it. I recommend the slotted grip screws, they seem to be made of better material.

5 out of 5



These grips feel great,they fit perfectly. They have a slim feel, perfect for small hands. Well worth the money,THANK YOU BERETTA!

5 out of 5

Brilliant grips


I ordered a pair of these grips along with an oversized mag release on Wed and received them in two days. Thanks BUSA for the super fast shipping! These grips, as reported in the previous reviews, have a pretty aggressive checkering on them and feel great in hands. These are slightly thinner than the original rubber grips that came with my 92FS Inox and have a wider bevel along the back edge. Perfect design for my small-ish hands and along with the oversized mag release, I can now reach the release easily. High quality product and highly recommended!


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