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5 out of 5



Perfect fit on my 96A1....need I say more.


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5 out of 5

Awesome grips


Beretta is out of stock but I am still waiting for them to come in. I have searched far and wide and these are, by far, the nicest grips out there. If they only had some to sell !

5 out of 5

Best of the best


I was very happy with these grips. They gave my 92FS a great classic look. The quality of them was excellent and they felt great I would recommend these if you are looking for that finishing touch.

5 out of 5

Very Nice!


These grips took a while to catch them in stock, and for the price are great value. Beretta Walnut feels great in your hands! Gets a lot of attention at the range too. I filled in the Beretta Trident with some gold paint, and they look super sexy!

5 out of 5

Love wood and metal together.


These are beautiful grips. Had them for about a year now. Very comfortable. I inlaid gold into the Beretta chevron to give them a distinct look. Everybody who has seen them love them.

5 out of 5

awesome grips


i bought these grips,and love them,they make the gun look more classy.also they made of high quilty wood. thanks barretta

5 out of 5

The Perfect Upgrade


I love my Beretta 92. With these grips on it, this great handgun now looks as good as it performs. Nothing is lost in the ergonomics/bulk nor performance of your pistol with this parts change. If you are all about the aesthetics, then pick up these grips. They look a little darker on the pistol and in person but the contrast is still there and the natural look/feel of wood beats the synthetic/stock grips.

5 out of 5

Well worth the effort


I know these grips are mostly out of stock but put in your email address to be notified when they come in and when you get the email, don't hesitate, buy them. It took my two tries to finally see them in stock and I got them yesterday. They are a great addition to an already great (92A1) gun. It finishes out the look and feel. I also suggest you buy the hex screws they are shown as well as the slotted screws don't look quite as good.


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