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30 Round Magazine


This magazine works great and fires great when the right amount of ammo is placed in the magazine. Having trouble with it when I have 30 rounds in the magazine. It doesn't want to go into my 92FS unless I take out a round. Works great with 29 rounds.


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4 out of 5

tough to load, but great magazine.


I purchased a couple of these for my Beretta 92FS and I'm planning on purchasing a CX4 Storm this week, the mags arrived and looked and felt great. You can see and feel the quality in these. I suspected that the springs in these would be very stiff initially as they were in my 15 round mags. I started loading and only made it about 20 rounds in before I had to turn to one of my pistol magazine loaders. I loaded it up to about 25 and then it started getting tough even with my heavy duty pistol loader. I was able to get the 30th round by pressing both my hands down on the pistol loader. It'd be impossible to handload one of these new, which is kinda disapointing. But hopfully the springs will mellow out over time. Anyways, the main reason i'm giving this 3/5 is because the spring is actually so stuff that it wont load into my 92FS comfortably with 30 rounds. I literally had to shove it in. When I pulled the mag back out there was a crease in the bullet casing from the pressure. I took 1 round out and then it fit fine. Beretta makes great quality products, but the springs on your magazines are out of this world strong. Using one of these fresh out of the box fully loaded will damage your thumb, your pistol loader, and your gun. Kinda unfortunate I cant use this out of the box to its full capacity.


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4 out of 5

It's a tough manual load for sure!


Looked really forward to this magazine. Had no idea whatsoever it would be so tough to load by hand! I removed the spring and just kept working different sections in and out to loosen up, as well as loaded and unloaded 10, then 15, then 20... I am finally up to 27 and hope to make 30 soon. Probably won't shoot from it yet because unfortunately I loaded my defensive rounds into it for the home. So, I guess until I order another 30 rounder I will leave my 27 in there to keep that spring compressed and go with my stock 15's on the range. I will be looking for that speed loader I see everyone else is talking about.


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