Beretta A400 Xplor, Kick Off Unit Review: It really works!

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It really works!


I am having shoulder surgery in a few months on my shooting shoulder and after trying a 20g for awhile with its reduced recoil I heard about the KO system and even though skeptical it would reduce recoil less than my 20g OU I found out with just a little trial and error with some good ammo that it does everything as advertised.....I will still have the minor shoulder surgery but between now and then thru the more pleasant time of the year in Texas for Sporting Clays tournaments I will enjoy the 12g A400 Xplor 3" 28" barrel with its almost non-existent again ALMOST NON EXISTENT will let me shoot the 1350fps 1oz and 1300fps 1 1/8oz ammo with no problems....Highly recommended and even though it costs less than the higher after-market systems it does measure up.......Yes there is a shotgun shooting life without recoil,Virginia...