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CX4 Storm Hi Speed


This was a pleasant surprise to find such a quality firearm in my possession. I have been looking at this and the 9mm version for quite awhile and finally took the plunge with the .177 Air Gun model. I could not be happier. It is a delight to shoot. The belt magazine is easy to load and even easier to unload. I've been using the pointed pellets with no problem. A few, less than a dozen out of maybe three hundred, have failed to fire. The gun seems to be loosened up now and I rarely see this. The misfires seemed to be at the end of life of the 88 gram cartridge so I'm not going to complain one bit about it. It feels like a real gun. I've put a red dot sight on it and will have to get a spacer to set it above the built in sights. For now it's useable just fine. I'm happy. A pleasure to shoot in the house into a pellet trap. The rounds are flattened and do not look like a pellet when you scoop them up to throw them in the trash. I think this gun will do a number on a small varmint at a reasonable range.