Beretta Ankle band 3032 Tomcat Holster Review: my new go-to holster

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my new go-to holster


I researched the Tomcat ankle holsters for a good while before opting the extra bucks for the Beretta branded one. My holster arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier with my decision. It was well worth the extra money. I have wore it for 2 days straight now with no discomfort at all. It holds the Tomcat snug and the entire rig is very much high quality with padding on the back of the holster section to assist in sitting perfectly above my ankle without movement, and even when wore with my straight leg jeans the whole rig is inconspicuous. For those who are debating their first ankle holster: I have never wore a holster of this type before and one of my concerns was mobility/rubbing...I can say it is very snug and has not once come into contact with my other ankle. I am very pleased.