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8 round extension kit


I purchased two of these 8 round extension kits to upgrade my existing 6 round magazines. The kits were fairly easy to install if you take your time. The extended grip is awesome and gives you a much more solid handle and feel to the Nano . What I don't like is how hard the last two bullets fit into the magazine. I used a speed loader and the ammo loaded ok, but trying to load the last two rounds by hand was next to impossible. My biggest concern is that the bullets jam up when trying to unload the magazine and would not slide out. I chambered a round and it did not feed properly. After several attempts the rounds would chamber as they should and I had no further problems with that issue.I have not used these new magazine kits at the range yet and I am a little concerned that the way the ammo hangs up in the magazine that his will cause excessive wear or outright damage the firearm. I love the feel and look ,I just hope they perform well. I do want to thank Beretta for shipping these to me very quickly and for the great communications with me during my purchase process !


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4 out of 5

Nice option


Ordered this recently and made the change. I would have preferred some instructions, but as with most things on the Nano it wasn't hard to change things out. Still knocking it down for that reason.


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