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4.6 out of 5

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5 out of 5

Great IWB Holster!


Just got my new Beretta BU Nano Hybrid Holster. After I got it on and adjusted I forgot that I even I was even wearing it. Wore it all day and never once thought about it. Great Job Beretta!!!!!


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5 out of 5

Range review 3/15/2012


This is the first Beretta firearm that I own. I was kind of worry due to it compact size, but I was wrong. This firearm perform as well as my Springfield XDM 40SW. I shot 400 rounds, Winchester, Federal, TruALammo without any malfuction. The recoil is minimal. I was able to scan the target immediately after the rounds were fired. The Nano will be my every day CCW. The only negative point is the backguard diamond shades. I was getting an inprint in my hand. I have a rubber skin from Talon Grips that I will take care of the backguard diamond shapes inpression on the skin. I was able to managed the small grip frame, placing my pinky finger under the magazine. This allow me to stabilized the front size even more. I would recommend the Nano to anyone looking for a CCW. The Nano will perfom!


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5 out of 5



Wow! From the moment I put it on , this holster exceeded my expectations. Beretta has hit a home run with this. If you own a Nano, you need one of these. Talk about comfortable - it somehow takes the weight out of the gun so you barely feel it. For CC, I don't see how it could get much better than this setup. The retention is right, it doesn't move, it's adjustable, there's no break-in period. Really amazing job, Beretta. Thanks.


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5 out of 5



The holster is perfect, compact and fits exactly as it should. I ordered a Crossbreed at the same time and returned the Crossbreed due to it's size, just too big. Love this IWB for the Nano.


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5 out of 5



A+ for Beretta for doing such a high quality holster. This holster is 100% comfortable, and retains your Nano perfectly. I love it!


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5 out of 5

Just what I needed


Awesome holster for inside the waist band carry! Simple in design, light weight, and fits great! However, I had to sand the sharp leather edge that makes contact with my skin. I took a worn out 220 grit piece of sandpaper and knocked the sharp edge off the leather. The holster also fits my Glock 23 very well. My Glock's barrel protrudes past the bottom portion of the plastic mold by an inch. The only downside to using this holster with a Glock is the possibility of stretching the leather out.But for every once in awhile, I don't see it being an issue. I nailed two birds with one stone on this holster. I highly recommend this holster (and pistol)!


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5 out of 5

Way to go


I think Beretta is the first manufacturer which offers hybrid holsters for its pistols. This is top quality. I carry 9-10 hours every day and it is so comfortable that I forget that I have a gun with me!

5 out of 5

Very Nice


I own a couple Crossbreed holsters for my 1911, but this holster is much nicer for the Nano. The leather is thinner, soft, and perforated for a more comfortable experience. Get some!!!

5 out of 5

Beretta BU Nano Hybrid Holster (IWB RH)


This is my favorite holster for my Nano. It works very well under a tie shirt without a print and it is very comfortable all day long. Great holster Beretta. Roger1k

5 out of 5

works well


This is a VERY nice CC IWB holster. I hardly even can tell it is there most of the time. I do agree with a few of the other reviews stating that you can feel the rivits, however, they are smooth, and don't bother me at all. The adjustment screws are very small, and do work loose, over time, but are very simple to tighten.


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