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3 out of 5

magazine failure


Bought three magazines, one would not feed rounds into pistol, unloaded bullets and reloaded, got same results, won't feed. The other two magazines worked fine. Last item is the magazines fell out twice while I was fireing. Could be my fault by hitting the eject latch while shooting. In short, my six shot magazines worked without issue. This is my concealed carry weapon and I want no doubt in my mind that it will work if lives are on the line. So I'm back to a six shooter and will save the eight shooter for more testing on the range. Disappointed in Beretta, I expect perfection, I certainly paid for it.


2 out of 3 people found the following review helpful

3 out of 5

hard to latch


I found these really hard to latch much like the originals. Remove .025 belt sanding makes them latch easier. If you cannot see stainless in the crack they will be hard to latch!


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3 out of 5

Not without it's flaws


Generally, very nice. It's nice to have the extra capacity and the extension for the pinky finger is nice. However, I wish they would have used a different steal frame. Instead of being able to look at the mag and say "yes this is full" all you can really say is "well, there is at least six rounds in here". Had I known that I would have just gotten the conversion kit.


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3 out of 5

Out of stock???


Got an email this morning at 6:00am CST, first thing I did when I saw it around 6:45am CST, was hit the site and they where already sold out again!!! Would be nice if they got more than a few in and could stock them more than 45 minutes...

3 out of 5

what's going on


I purchased a Bertta Nano and I was told I can get an extension that will allow me to have a better grip on the pistol, I would have not purchased this pistol if I would have known that I can't get the ext. So can somebody tell me whats going on, or I will just have to trade this pistol in for another, however I think the Nano is a great ccw carry.- No ext. no more Berettas for me. Beretta can learn somthig from Kel-Tecs customer service. Whats the delay.


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