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5 out of 5

Works fine just needs plastic trim


These mags are great. To all people complaining about having to slam them in. On the front facing topside of the base pad there will be a little piece of plastic sticking up. Like an extra untrimmed piece from the mold. This is preventing it from sitting flush. Trim/cut this lil extra piece off with a knife or razor and I will fit PERFECTLY!

5 out of 5

Great addition and worth the wait!


I've been waiting on this little jewel for over six months! I got it - loaded it up and began to insert and eject - must have done it 20 times. The added length allows me to keep my little finger on the gun instead of below the grip. More control and an awesome fit. Good job Beretta!

5 out of 5

Awesome Magazine


I finally found this in stock and jumped on ordering it. Just got it and I must say it was definitely worth the wait. Adds a nice longer grip to an already great pistol.

5 out of 5

Much better!


Love these, I bought two and they both work great. I know the idea is small and concealable but being able to get more hand on the grip makes me like it more. They are very tight but you can jam 8 rounds in there and the gun cycles them out flawlessly. Waiting for them to get the extension kits in stock so i can also convert one of my original 2.

5 out of 5



Was able to purchase two and glad to finally have them. Provides a better grip for the Nano. Only issue is if magazine is loaded, the Nano carrying pouch will not zip past the mag and close totally.

5 out of 5

Get one if you can.


If you have large hands this is the answer. Got mine today and it fits and feels great. Hard to get but worth it.

5 out of 5



I purchased this 8 round magazine and the Crimson Trace laser. Now I feel this is the perfect carry pistol. I have no issues with the texture of the magazine, personally. I'm looking forward to purchasing the conversion kits for my other two magazines. Worth the wait.

5 out of 5

8 Rd Magazine


I finally found these in stock and jumped on ordering two and glad to finally have them. It adds a nice longer grip to an already perfect carry pistol. I have no issues with the texture of the magazine.

5 out of 5

Worth the wait.


It took a few months to finally snag a few but it was well worth the wait. Makes the Nano grip feel so much better with the added pinky support. This mag has been flawless.


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