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4 out of 5

Very Effective Choke Tubes


This past week I received the OptimaChoke HP extended choke tubes in IC and Mod that I ordered for my A400 Xplor Light. This weekend I shot a round of sporting clays with the IC tube. I shot my usual 70% so the tubes are not a magic solution for poor technique by yours truly, but what I did notice is that when I was really in the right spot the clays really disintegrated into a fine powder, with very few large pieces left. I think that the tubes work as claimed by creating a tighter pattern. I can't wait to try them on some birds, it was like I was shooting a disintegration ray instead of a shotgun!

4 out of 5

Great Choke Set


These chokes are well made and hit the clays very hard. I agree with Mick. There needs to be a Light Modified choke for this set. Otherwise, great choke set.

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