Beretta Gel-Tek Cheek Protector .24" Review: Gel Tek 100% Satisfaction

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Gel Tek 100% Satisfaction


Grate protection for the cheek, it reduces the recoil greatly. I have an old over & under 12ga that would always leave my cheek swollen with the first couple of shots. So I decided to put on the Gel-Tek Cheek, I did it on the field under dusty conditions of course it ended with air bubbles trap inside but I fire about 100 shells and my cheek was filling great. The next day I removed it, it took me around 10 minutes, it really holds tight to the stock so no need to worry about falling loose, I cleaned it let it dry and put it on again this time without the air bubbles, looks really good. The stock of my gun is all 100% wood with a slight of wood varnish nothing like the new ones that look plastic or glossy so you don’t have to worry if you want to place it on a wood stock it’ll work. It looks good, fells good and raises the stock according to the thickness .12” or .24” 100% satisfied