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4 out of 5

Unfortunate surprise


A friend bought this holster and I had the opportunity to experiment it. NOT BAD AT ALL, the only reason I did not give a 5 Stars on my rating is due to the fact that it is definitely not easy to conceal this holster, unless you are wearing a heavy jacket. The design is awesome with the extra magazine carrier and a great retention. With all that said, for my surprise, Beretta decided not to manufacture this holster for left handed shooters like me, what a shame. So the bottom line is, holster overall rating 4 1/2, Beretta marketing strategy on this one 1.


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4 out of 5



I have the 45acp model so when I saw 9/40 on the label I thought the 45 wouldn't fit, but it did, like a glove.But the mag was too big for the mag pouch.Well I guess better that the pistol fit rather the other way around.


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4 out of 5

Great holster for open carry!


This holster is great! It didn't scratch my PX4, but there is a slight rub mark below the slide from holstering the gun. This is normal and expected from this kind of holster, and I don't mind it at all. Likes: Great retention. Great Beretta styling. Extra mag carrier built in. Fits snug on my waist and doesn't depend on the tightness of my belt. Dislikes: Forget concealed carrying with this holster, unless you're wearing a jacket or something big. It sticks out slightly from your body, making concealed carry unfeasible.


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