Beretta Holster mod. Stinger for 92A1 & 96A1 RH Review: Only game in town

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Only game in town


Talking to fellow shooters, I originally was trying for a blade tech. Due to the rail and the rounded trigger guard, there are no other competition holsters made. I bought this and found it to be very nice. It is solid and the tension adjustments are good. It fits the 92A1 perfectly as it should. It is made by an Italian company (surprise) and the instructions are useless. The company's website doesn't even list this model and the closest model has instructions in Italian. You figure, what do I need instructions for? You put the gun in and you take the gun out. There are quite a few adjustments on this thing. You can adjust the grip angle direction forward, backward, in and out. The round gizmo allows you to make on the fly adjustments forwards and backwards without tools and then lock in the angle. In and out requires a hex key (not included). In fact, you will likely need to pick up a few keys because the whole thing is metric. One other note: The belt attachment is semi-permanent. You don't slide a belt through it. You bolt it on. It fits perfectly on my Double Alpha belt but that appears to be exactly what it is made for. In other words, if you get this, plan on also needing a competition belt. The good news is that with the right adjustments, this holster appears to meet all the rules of USPSA production. BTW, if you are buying this, chances are you are using the A1 in a competition. Get a trigger and spring job. Makes it much nicer on the DA pull.