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Beretta Men's Summer Wax Cotton Sport Jacket

# GUT620910844
$795.00 $318.00

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Today, the traditional line between work days and the weekend is becoming increasingly blurred, so Fridays are much freer than they used to be. The Beretta Sport Jacket, with its relaxed elegance, impeccable style and comfortable fabrics is a garment for all situations where the formality of work has begun to relax in anticipation of the weekend. Summer waxed cotton three buttons jacket with beretta logo buttons and lining.

Beretta Waxed Cotton
Beretta is not only a brand--it is a lifestyle, a passion for enjoying the outdoors with style and in absolute comfort. For every one of our collections, we invest in research and liaise with experienced outdoorsmen and women so that we can choose the best material, features and styling.

Waxed cotton is one of the top technical fabrics ever invented to perform a specific function. It first appeared in Scotland at the end of the eighteenth century to make’ sails for commercial vessels more waterproof and therefore more efficient. Thanks to its incredible strength, it then started to be used for sailors' capes. Soon, waxed cotton was adopted by the English Army, and from there it started to be used by hunters, farmers and bikers. Although the new technical fabrics that appeared in the 1960's replaced many of its uses, waxed cotton continues to be a staple in the wardrobe of all outdoor enthusiasts and is still loved for the old-fashioned appearance it acquired over time.

Beretta began with a careful exploration of the waxed cotton tradition and then developed its own version, specifically for Beretta-wear aficionados. The Beretta Wax treatment is unique because it takes the best original English fabrics and then treats them with a series of processes derived from the age-old know-how of sailors and carried out via a precise sequence of manual operations that alternate washing, sanding and waxing. The result is an extremely comfortable garment that does not feel oily, needs no special treatment and is completely odorless.

So, by wearing a Beretta Waxed Cotton garment, you enter a tradition that started with sailors and explorers, to which you will undoubtedly add your own memories while enjoying the outdoors in style and comfort.

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For the Best Fit…please use the following charts to determine your size when ordering.
Clothing Size Measurements (Measure your body)
Neck (men): Wrap tape around to the base of your neck in the front and allow extra room for comfort, or measure the collar length of your favorite shirt.
Chest/Breast: Wrap a tape measure evenly around the fullest part under the arms.
Waist: Wrap tape around your natural waistline, or where you actually wear your pants.
Hip: Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hip (approximately 7-8 “below the waist). Don’t forget to keep tape level.
Inseam: Best taken from a pair of your own pants which you like length of when wearing. Measure along the garment inseam from the crotch seam to the hem.
Sleeve length: From center back of your neck with your arm slightly bent, follow the tape around to your wrist bone.
Shoulders: Wearing a shirt, measure from one seam to the other crossing the shoulders.
CAUTION: Whenever Ordering Women’s Apparel “Made in Italy”
There is a significant difference between US and Italian styling and fit. Our experience tells us that it is best to order one size up.

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