Beretta BZERO Thermal Long Underwear

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Breathable, thermal-control long underwear has Lycra in the fabric so it stretches comfortably any way you move.

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  • Thermal long underwear
  • Revolutionary fiber combination eliminates odors, regulates your body temperature, and keeps you dry
  • Deocell® fiber completely eliminates odors by breaking their chemical bond
  • WarmUP keeps your body in perfect thermal balance by absorbing perspiration and transforming it to heat
  • A touch of Lycra in the fabric adds comfortable stretch
  • Breathable
  • Fits comfortably under any pant
  • Washable

Breathable, thermal-control long underwear has Lycra in the fabric so it stretches comfortably any way you move. The Deocell® fiber eliminates body odor, while your body temperature is regulated by the WarmUP fibers that transform perspiration into heat. Fits comfortably under any pant. Cotton/Lycra. Washable. Imported.  

BZERO: The inner layer is your first defense

Don’t give your prey the opportunity to detect you before you have them in your sights. Our revolutionary new line of odor-eliminating underlayers doesn’t just cover up body odor, it actually neutralizes it. Deocell®is a cellulose-based natural fiber that gets rid of ammonia, acetic acid and trimethylamine compounds by breaking their chemical bonds, eliminating odors instantaneously. Delicate on skin, it maintains its odor-erasing properties for the life of the garment, wash after wash.





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For the Best Fit…please use the following charts to determine your size when ordering.
Clothing Size Measurements (Measure your body)
Neck (men): Wrap tape around to the base of your neck in the front and allow extra room for comfort, or measure the collar length of your favorite shirt.
Chest/Breast: Wrap a tape measure evenly around the fullest part under the arms.
Waist: Wrap tape around your natural waistline, or where you actually wear your pants.
Hip: Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hip (approximately 7-8 “below the waist). Don’t forget to keep tape level.
Inseam: Best taken from a pair of your own pants which you like length of when wearing. Measure along the garment inseam from the crotch seam to the hem.
Sleeve length: From center back of your neck with your arm slightly bent, follow the tape around to your wrist bone.
Shoulders: Wearing a shirt, measure from one seam to the other crossing the shoulders.
CAUTION: Whenever Ordering Women’s Apparel “Made in Italy”
There is a significant difference between US and Italian styling and fit. Our experience tells us that it is best to order one size up.

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