Beretta Pancake Leather black holster - PX4 Storm, Full Size & Sub-compact

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Pancake leather belt holster in black. Back strap fastener and closed barrel end. Dual belt slits allow the holster to be easily positioned at different angles. Right Hand. Model PX4 9mm and .40 S&W, fits PX4 Sub Compact, tight for .45 ACP.

Our pancake holster offers the sleekest appearance for concealed carry. The thermomolded black leather belt holster offers the perfect fit for Px4 and features a back strap fastener open barrel end. Dual belt slits allow the holster to be easily positioned at different angles. Right hand. Model Px4 9-mm and .40 S&W, fits PX4 SubCompact; not for .45 ACP.  Made in Italy.

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4.1 out of 5

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Not quite as described but fine leather. (Done)


First the honey: the leather is pleasantly soft – a ‘luxury leather’ feel – but also appears strong and is nicely tanned, no dye transfer and perfectly molded to the Px4’s shape. It's really a fine piece of work. The belt loops are sufficiently angled for a ‘good feel’ at either strong-side or cross-draw carry and also nicely sized at 2” x 3/16”. The back-strap fastener at the thumb release wall is reinforced with steel and finished rivet that make releasing the snap a solid and crisp push. The ‘pancake’ design makes for a very secure, close-to-the-body holster that rides tightly but comfortably, although just a little ‘high’ for my taste, just a little. Then the vinegar: 1) unlike the description the holster is not a “closed barrel end” but an open holster (you can see the tip of the barrel, slide, and guide rod through the open bottom of the holster) which is better in my book, anyway (this sentence could almost appear in the “First the honey” section). 2) The holster does not have a second piece of leather (like many high-end holster manufacturers do), say at the top opening of the slide-side which could hold the holster open enough to make for either a fast draw or easy holster – the molded leather and the tension inherent in the two parallel pieces of leather grip the gun so it’s slow to draw. 3) Unlike the picture and there is no description either way, the holster’s back-strap fastener does not snap close unless the hammer is fully cocked and out of the way of the strap. The strap will not realistically snap close over an either uncocked or half-cocked Px4. I’ve been able to do it, and was even for a short time hopeful it was only a leather-break-in problem, but the amount of pushing, pulling, fiddling, stretching will ensure I could never draw or holster the pistol except with two hands and the stitching or leather would break under that kind of stress. Ha! So, it’s a carry a holster that you carry cocked and ____. Oh, I can’t say “locked” like a 1911, because unless you have the striker version of the Px4, you have to carry your double-action pistol cocked, safety off, which makes me sweat thinking about it, albeit safe with the strap between the hammer and the firing pin, the holster covering the trigger guard, and the very effective “firing-pin block” of the Px4. Whew, okay, this was only going to take ten minutes, but I wanted to be thorough. So, I hopes this helps in your purchase decision.


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3 out of 5

What happened?


This one really confused me....I recieved my order for this holster for my px4 subcompact the other day along with a pair of the green line jeans. Which are incredibly comfortable by the way...I put the holster aside to check it out later. When I did finally get to it later that evening I noticed it seemed very sturdy and well made. Maybe even to well made....When I tried to open the holster by unsnapping the retaining strap, it would not budge. I gave it a couple tugs, and still nothing. I tried giving it a little twist and pull. Not opening....At this point I was a little frustrated that a simple snap would not do its job and unsnap. I gave it another good pull and success, it opened. WELLLLL not really.....I was glad it finally opened, but what happened was the snap retainer snapped off and was broken off, but still snapped together on the strap side! How does this happen?! Is it fused together by weld or locktight!? I've sent the holster back and once it is recieved, I'll order a replacement. I'm just hoping the snap on the next one is a bit looser and functions how it should. Follow up review to come.


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