Beretta Px4 hybrid Holster for Full Size and Compact (IWB RH) Reviews

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3.8 out of 5

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2 out of 5

Good Concept But Needs Some Design Imrprovements


I've been alternating this holster with my Beretta Pancake OWB Holster (FO7800200099) and another brands of IWB. Beretta's OWB is very well done. This holster is a mixed bag which needs to be redesigned to be a great holster. Pros: First-rate materials, spot-on workmanship. Better made than most hybrid holsters I have seen. Cons: Poor retention of the pistol yet a disquieting tendency to snag the front sight upon drawing, so in essence an insecure holster with a potentially fatal roadblock to a quick draw. Verdict: The supplier needs to redesign this holster for more positive retention and to eliminate potential for pistol to rotate enough to catch the front sight on the bottom lip of the holster.


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