Beretta Px4 Magazine 9mm 17 or 20 Rds

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# JM4PX9
$36.00 - $40.00

Replacement or spare magazines for your 9 mm Px4 Storm. Available in 17 and 20 round capacities. Caliber: 9mm. Finish: Black

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Replacement or spare magazines for your 9 mm Px4 Storm. Available in 17 and 20 round capacities.
Also compatible with: Well Insert/Magazine Release, PX4 Full Size 9MM, PX4 Compact 9MM, PX4 Sub-Compact 9MM* (Will extend below the base of the grip on a Compact and Sub-Compact)
Caliber: 9mm. Finish: Black
JM4PX920 is an extended magazine.

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If you are purchasing this  magazine for a CX4 Carbine, please ensure that your pistol has a compatible adapter. If you are unsure, you can check it online by visiting Choose "Technical Data Search" on the right side of the screen. Enter your serial number. The resulting data will include whether or not your CX4 is fitted with a 92FS or PX4 adapter (ie Product Description: CX4 STORM (PX4) 9MM/17RD).

BerettaUSA offers discounts to qualified Law Enforcement and Military personnel. Please call 1-800-929-2901 for more info.

Notice: Due to state laws, this magazine cannot be shipped to the following states: California, Hawaii, New York, or Massachusetts. Please do not add this magazine to your shopping cart if you are having your order shipped to one of the above states, since the magazine will be removed from your shopping cart during the check out process.

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Doesn't work for Compact


These only fit the standard PX4, and they don't offer an "extended mag pad" for the compact (not the sub-compact). What I have found, though, is you can buy the 15rd compact, then buy the 17rd mag extension spring/pad (that the 20rd clip here basically has), and it will allow 18rd with a nice grip extension that fits in the compact PX4. Problem is it is $55 for both the 15rd compact mag and the 3rd mag extension and spring. Wish they offered a straight version of this all total for more like the $40. Sigh.


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5 out of 5

These plus the X-Grip


I purchased two of the 17 round clips to add 4 more bullets to my SC Storm. Also purchased the magazine grip to hide the extension. The sub-compact now feels even more secure in my hand plus 4 more rounds equals awesome!

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