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Vague on use?


I have PX4 Compact with 15rd mags. I purchased 17rd std mags, but have about 1" space that I haven't found any option for (and my understanding is the 20rd will not fit the compact frame without that same space). So it sounds like folks can buy this and put it on the 15rd compact and be perfect (I need just a little extra grip for my hand and this would be perfect). The description here should cover that! Also, I WISH they sold just a 1" rubber slide down for the 17rd STD mags to extend the grip for PX4 compact (NOT SUB-COMPACT!). Springfield Armory XD has this and the fit and feel is WONDERFUL. PLEASE!

3 out of 5

Push Up


Push up from the bottom on the metal key to allow the extended pad to fully slide into the base of the mag. Once on the mag, simply push the key downward along the side of the mag for final instillation.. It's a great option!

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