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4 out of 5

Good Upgrade


I wanted a pad extention for my Compact for easier loading but the factory 17 to 20rd magazine stuck 2" below the grip & looked awkward. Instead, I bought this kit and used the original 15rd spring. Not only does it make reloading more solid but it extends the factory 15rd magazine to 18rds. It looks good also!


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4 out of 5

Fits PX4 15 Round COMPACT Mag's too


This works great for the PX4 15rd compact mag to extend the grip and I can get 18rds in the mag. Problem is only that you have to by the PX4 15rd mags, and this, which seems crazy, given that even on special 10% off that ends up being $50/mag...

4 out of 5

Needs Instruction


Does the bare spring go in the extended base? Or is there suspposed to be an additional new base spring plate. The Fsctory 20 round clips have a metal base plate for the spring


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