Beretta Px4 Storm Full Size Back Straps large

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# C5B790
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Replacement back straps for your Px4 Storm Full Size. Available in small and large.

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Replacement back straps for your Px4 Full Size. Available in small and large.

NOTE: Fits only on PX4 Full Size Model.


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3 out of 5

Back Strap - LARGE


LARGE Back Strap arrived quickly. LARGE Back Strap had to have the Right side channel/groove for the Wire Strut cleared to seat properly on the RIGHT inside groove/channel ( RIGHT side when looking in the strap w/ arch up) for the Wire Strut to fully seat back into it's proper position. At the first attempts to install I noticed plastic shavings developing in that groove/channel and would stop the Wire Strut from seating. Outside of field stripping and cleaning my weapons I have no experience at gunsmithing. Doing this scrapping/ ream work was about a 45 minute venture. Scraping, checking. attempt re-installing LARGE Back Strap, dis-assemble where Wire Strut stopped again, and repeat this process until the channel/groove was cleared and allowed the Wire Strut to seat properly. Tools Small Needle-nose pliers (pull out attached filings, very small plain edge screw driver and sharp knife. An Exacto scalpel knife probably would have worked better for the task.

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