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PX4 sub compact magazine adapter


I was at A indoor range recently where A fellow shooter was using his 40 sub compact PX4 with mag. adapters.From talking to him he was hooked.He handed me his gun and I like it.Letting me shot his answered the question.My accuracy was great,control excellant.Like shooting My storm with A shorter barrel.I will need some when I get mine.

3 out of 5

Hundredths Off


I like these magazine extensions very much. ONE CAUTION: the one I ordered and received in January 2017 did not allow the full-size Px4 9mm magazine to 'click' into the mag release. It was too tall: both the main body and rear 'shelf' (butting against the bottom of the interchangeable grip) I had to grind down the heights a little over two-hundredths of an inch (for example the main body from about 0.0863" to about 0.065") -- then the adapter allows a full-size Px4 magazine to click into the handle. Note, I tried files, stones, ceramic rods, and finally had to use a belt sander to make headway. Ha! Those adapters are TOUGH and soft. :)

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