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4 out of 5

They help


If you have a .40 S&W I recommend this product. Not only can you fit 7 more rounds in you subcompact the Added grip area helps lessen the recoil from the larger round. And don't worry it fits and feels the same in my pancake holster and my over the shoulder. I think it is actually easier to pull your weapon with the adapter on

4 out of 5



The four extra rounds in the magazine is good to have but adding the adapter makes it NICE! The grip now feels virtually the same as my 92FS. You cannot have it any better than a PX4 sub compact with the grip of a full size pistol, well worth the money.

4 out of 5

Mag Adapter


This 9mm mag adapter has a great feel and give you that full size feel but is still a concealable carry. I would like to see Beretta make a 17rd full grip mag like the 20rd mag. Overall great buy..

4 out of 5

Wish they had one for Compact!


I love this, but wish they would offer a slimmer version to adapt the full size mags to the straight COMPACT (not sub-compact). Sigh.


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