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Makes it perfect!


Makes an almost perfect gun perfect. Like others I have big hands but prefer a concealable pistol with high capacity. I cannot think of a better carry gun now.


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5 out of 5



I bought one of these for my pX4 storm compact. The extra mag space is now covered by the grip. Fits sub compact and compact mags


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5 out of 5

15 round and PX Storm Compact


This is designed for use with the large 17 round magazine. It will not work as is with the middle sized 15 round magazine as is. I did buy one anyway at a gun show and with the careful application of a scroll saw and belt sander modified it to fit. Much improved with all the grip and magazine sharp edges covered. It would be nice if Beretta had the perfect fit for the 15 round mag they sell, but if you are handy it can be made to work. I bought and modified three more after that.

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5 out of 5

excellent solution


A outstanding solution to a small grip. 4 extra rounds and now a grip that fits my hand. I immediately ordered 2 more

5 out of 5

A Must Have For Large Hands!


I've got big hands, that sometimes make it a bit difficult to get a good firm grip on Sub-Compacts. When I first bought my PX4-SC 9mm, I purchased the Snap-Grip Mags, so I could get a better grip. They worked fine, but needed just a bit more length and girth to it. The Mag Adapter takes care of that for me. I purchased three, and added them to three extra 17-Round Mags I had for my PX4 Full Size 9mm. I took it to the Range the following week, and WOW... what a positive difference it makes! My Target Hits improved as a result of the Mag Adapters! Thanks to the Beretta Team, for coming up with this much appreciated little gem. Cheers!

5 out of 5



Excellent for anyone who wants a full handle on the tiny beast. Besides the added comfort it gives the alredy great feel the px4 sc has, it also allows you to add a little more fun for the range and a more intimidating look with an extended 20 round magazine attatched to it! Great added feature to an already great firearm!

5 out of 5

Just right


Put this on the 14 round mag (JM4PX4014) and it fits a large hand perfectly. Gives a much more controlled grip to the weapon. Four more rounds doesn't bug me either.

5 out of 5

Excellent solution from Beretta


The PX4's small size is ideal for concealed carry but my littlefinger feels uncomfortable since the gun's handle is too short. This is an excellent fix to this problem, the PX4 is a completely different gun with this adapter, much better feeling and control and the extra four rounds are welcome.

5 out of 5

More Rounds Plus Increased Control


I strongly agree with other reviewers that this adapter allows for greater control of the pistol. I have large hands and even the SNAP GRIP on the 13-round magazine did not feel comfortable. I tried the 17-round mag with the adapter and it felt like a completely different gun. I go back and forth between the two magazines depending upon the degree of concealment that I need in a particular situation, but my preference is for the 17-round mag and adapter. And, in case you haven't tried it, the adapter also works very well with the 20-round magazine if you are in need of 7 extra rounds.

5 out of 5



Fits great, gives you the little extra pinky room. Works great on 20rd mag as well

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