Beretta Quick Defense Pistol Vault Review: Sturdy Steel Pistol Vault and is TSA Approved!

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Sturdy Steel Pistol Vault and is TSA Approved!


I have been looking at this item for quite some time now and was just waiting for the price to drop. Well, the price dropped and jumped all in. The Vault arrived in a well packaged box and it is a beauty. The vault is solid and made from steel with 5 simplex buttons to customize your combination. No batteries required at all; just a well made item that provides deep foam padding to protect your firearm (Up to 2)while providing excellent security. So, if you're planning to travel via airplane and need to declare your firarm, this pistol vault is perfect, plus it meets TSA requirements, provided that you are traveling to and from a state where firearms are permitted while traveling within the United States once the firearm is declared. This was an excellent purchase for me at an excellent price. So, go on out and get you one!


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