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Beretta Sight Adjustment Tool, PX4 Storm and 8000 Series

4.6 out of 5
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# UD6A0027

Designed to push the rear sight and not mar the handgun. Includes instructions.

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Designed to push the rear sight and not mar the handgun. Includes instructions.
Please note that the tool is actually Black in color, and not blue, as picture.

Note: When using this tool with the adjustable sight set (http://www.berettausa.com/en-us/beretta-px4-series-adjustable-rear-sight-and-front-sight/e00457/), the rear sight must be disassembled with care prior to pushing the sight base onto the slide in order to allow for removal of the tool post sight base installation.  Then the sight reassembled with the base installed in the dovetail on the slide.

Removing the original.

 Assembling the substitute.




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4.6 out of 5

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5 out of 5

Sight Tool


This is a very sturdy tool but it requires help removing the sights on a PX4. It works for the front and rear sight. Once you apply pressure and the sights don't want to budge tap lightly on the turn screw with a brass hammer and retighten and tap again. You can walk the sights out that way. To istall the beretta adjustable sight you can reverse the process. First I would suggest you run the bottom of the sight dovetail on 400grit paper and remove a .001 to .002". Also you will fine the storm had the sights peened from inside the slide. Take a small file and flatten the bumps out. Go carefully. The rear adjustable sight can be installed by removing the elevation screw and tilting the sight up to allow the tool to work.Be carefull not to lose the two coil elevation springs or the detent ball that contacts the elevation screw. Before you start read the directions that came with the tool and be sure your sights are started from the right direction.


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5 out of 5

PX4 Storm Sight Adjustment Tool


The tool is a great item, built extremly well and sturdy. This is a must have to break loose the factory sights on a PX4 and then adjustment them. I never had a problem with the tool maring the sights and it is extremly easy to work. The "only" negative with this tool is that you can not use it to install the new adjustable Beretta rear sights on the PX4. (All other types not a problem) Once the sight is installed the tool can not be removed from the slide due to the fact the sight is wider then the tool opening. However I still give this item 5 stars.

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