Beretta Synthetic Stock for MATO RIFLE

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Beretta Synthetic Stock for MATO RIFLE

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Beretta Synthetic Stock for MATO RIFLE

The Beretta improved classic. With its proven design principles and innovative features, the original Mauser 98 action is considered by many to be the finest bolt action design ever created. With the Beretta Mato, that standard has been raised. The receiver is machined from pre-hardened bar stock for maximum tensile strength. The claw extractor bolt provides ultra-reliable controlled round feeding in any position the rifle is held…firmly fixing each cartridge in place as it slides into chamber. As a safety enhancement, the extractor enables shells to be run through the magazine and ejected out of the gun without having to first close the bolt completely on the round in the chamber. The ergonomic, tear drop design of the bolt handle provides a sure, firm grip when engaging the bolt. The bolt stop is a practically invisible lever inletted into the rear of the receiver. Pivoting it to the side allows the bolt to be quickly removed in the field for cleaning or maintenance. A positive three-position safety provides total confidence when handling the Beretta Mato. It is serrated to provide a sure grip when switching positions. The Beretta Mato box magazine is a drop-out design which makes it easy to quickly insert a full load of fresh cartridges. When inserted into the rifle, its base is identical to the hinged floor plate design found on classic hunting rifles. The trigger guard latch and magazine floor plate are precision machined for an extremely secure magazine lock-up. The magazine can also be top loaded if desired. The Beretta Mato is chambered in many popular calibers up to .375 H&H giving you the range of firepower needed for anything from deer, to Cape Buffalo to “mato.” The .375 H&H caliber guns come standard with adjustable iron sights and muzzle brake. All models are designed to accept scope mounts and can be supplied, on request, with adjustable sights (optical fiber inserts) and with an hair trigger system.

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