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Weekender Cap


Great quality of hat. Howeever, I couldn't wear it. It was way too small. If you wear a 7 1/2 or above, donot order this hat. I gave it toa 9 year old and it fit him perfectly. Otherwise good hat.

3 out of 5



A perfect hat for a great price. My daughter loves it!!!

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3 out of 5

Hat too tight


The "no" recommendation is because the elastic in the band is too tight - unless you are definitely under 7 1/2 size. I'm right at that line and the hat is uncomfortable, so I slit the elastic in several places, making it only moderately acceptable. In general, I find Beretta clothes not well designed and definitely not as good quality as LL Bean for instance. I shoot Beretta and certainly would like to wear their products, but again, sorry to say, they're not all that great.

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