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5 out of 5

Wind Stopper


I'm an avid sportg clays shooter and the wind barrier sweater has kept me comfortable on the coldest winter mornings. I have several Beretta jackets, but leave them in the car when I'm wearing this sweater. After 3 years of hard use, It still looks great.


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4 out of 5

Very Nice but


This is a very nice sweater/wing breaker. Its unique from what else is on the market. Comfortable but it has no pockets anywhere - not on the inside, not on the outside. God forbid you have a cell phone or anything else requiring a pocket. I am in the process of returning the sweater. 5 Stars + on quality and concept 2 Stars for implementation.


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5 out of 5

Greatest sweater i've owned!


I originally got my first one of these sweaters from a box of my late father's old clothes. I instantly recognized the quality so I snatched it up. It is a high quality wool sweater with a wind proof liner that works for any and all types of wind. Although I have never been soaked through, the sweater does not and should not be used as waterproof. It is wonderful for a cold morning or evening walk in the woods. Unfortunately someone thought a dryer was a good idea with my first one and you can imagine what happened. I managed to stretch it back somewhat with hair conditioner and a rack but it isn't the same so be careful! I am now on my second one and it is the berries! It can get slightly warm indoors if you are active.

5 out of 5

3's a charm!


This is without question the best sweater ever! I received my first (gray) as a Christmas present 3 years ago. My not so subtle hints for two more in brown and loden were welcomed presents since. Its warm when it needs to be, blocks the wind and always comfortable even indoors; as long as the heat is not cranking! The only criticism I have is the sweater pills very quickly.

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5 out of 5

Three is a charm!


I received my first Wind Barrier sweater (gray) for Christmas a few years ago and fell in love with it. My not so subtle hints following yielded one in brown and then most recently a loden addition to my collection. They are the best sweater ever... Warm, windproof yet quite comfortable inside as long as the heat is not cranked. My only criticism is that they seem to pill very quickly... Maybe I need to invest in one of those pill removers. I just love all of them regardless!

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