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4 out of 5

Great Case, Few Deceptions Though..


Awesome case, but unfortunately it will NOT fit an A400 XCEL Sporting 30" barrel. Beretta says this case is 52", I measured it and it was more like 50.5". Finally, the case is NOT blue and tan like the photo shows, it is GREEN and tan. This makes sense as that is the color of the Xplor, but I thought I would let people know. Overall awesome case it just didn't fit my gun and the colors were not what I thought they were.

5 out of 5

Matches A400 Xplor Perfectly


The quality of the case is awesome and the styling is true Beretta. There is lots of padding around the receiver/bolt handle. It fits the a400 with KO and 28 BBL and extended choke tube with a little room to spare, but not too much to have the gun slide around.


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