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Xplor Watch


A friend who was told it was the first one sold and then given to me as a birthday gift purchased my watch at the Beretta store in Milan. I've worn it a few days now and have quickly grown to like it a great deal. It is not suitable to wear with formal clothing as a cuffed shirt wouldn't be able to pass over the watch, but I doubt anyone considering it plans to have it be his or her work watch. As a casual watch it is really nice and at this price gets one into an automatic without paying Swiss movement money. I shot a round of clays and skeet with it yesterday and the modest shock of my recoiling gun didn't bother the watch at all- which, I suppose, if it has the Beretta name on it certainly better be the case. The luminescent numbers, hands and indications on the bezel look nice in the dark and should make glancing at your watch while waiting for legal shooting time on a waterfowl hunt a piece of cake. I don't expect any automatic to be perfectly accurate but so far this one is doing just fine. Overall my impression is that this is a solid, masculine looking watch that is great for casual clothing and the field. A word of caution- its huge- I'd guess the case is around 45mm. If you're used to wearing a "normal" watch (which is usually around 42mm for a dive watch, often less for a business type) the Beretta watch will feel enormous at first.