Beretta Xtreme Ducker Soft Shell Jacket

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Combining performance with comfort, this is the waterfowling jacket you’ll reach for first.

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Combining performance with comfort, this is the waterfowling jacket you’ll reach for first. The lightweight soft shell Windstoper ® fabric offers total windproofing, maximum breathability and full freedom of movement. And it’s water-repellent, too. Packed with pockets, plus Neoprene® cuffs, non-skid shoulders and a removable hood with a fitted inner band. Mesh-lined. Geltec Recoil Reducer (not included) pockets. Length: 29.5". Gentle wash. Tumble dry low. Imported.
Color: 0857)Gore Optifade Concealment Marsh Pattern.

Make yourself invisible with the most innovative, effective waterfowling camo ever!



OPTIFADE’s micro pattern outperforms traditional camo by breaking the symmetry of the human shape to make the body less detectable and confuse the bird. OPTIFADE’s breakthrough micro pattern addresses specifically how waterfowl see. 

- Vertical pattern accounts for overhead engagement in motion. 
- Ideal at the most common position waterfowl encounter humans: 45o angle and 35 yards distance.
- Optimized for a non-frontal engagement angle, since waterfowl see prey from any angle 
- Exploits the way waterfowl perceive colors and the positive vs. negative space in the environment to make the human shape blend into the background.

OPTIFADE’s lighter colors and starker contrasts take into account the high-contrast environment (horizon line, water shimmer) and makes the hunter look invisible to the bird.



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4 out of 5

Best Jacket I ever owned, but expensive.


This jacket is well thought out. The material is soft and quiet, and seems durable. For some reason mud and other forest debris does not stick to it easy, so it stays clean longer. The fit is great and even with a fleece under it there is no pull when I bring up my arms to shoot. The sizing is correct IMO. I'm 5'10 175lbs and the large fits perfect. The hood is great, because it has an elastic band in it keep it on my head, plus it moves with my head and does not fall off when I look up. For me sitting in a blind its good to 40 deg with just a t-shirt, 30 deg with long sleeve flannel, and 15 deg with a fleece under it. It is not water proof. In normal rain the material gets wet, but does not seam to soak through to the liner very fast. It kept me comfortable for 3 hours in light rain in 40 deg weather before I wanted to call it quits. It dries exremely fast. I only gave it four stars because of the price. $299 is a bit over-priced. A price of $250 would earn it the last star.

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2 out of 5

Less than expected quality


There is not enough velcro on the cuff to enable you to wrap the neoprene cuff for a snug fit. Even if you could, the neoprene is too thick to allow for a glove to fit over the cuff so so you can pick up decoys and not get your sleeve wet. The rubbery-plastic accents around the pockets seem to "plasticy." I fear in cold temperatures this may become brittle and/or be a point of failure. The pocket intended for duck calls is held closed by a velcro strip. All velcro strips seem to be sewn on cheaply. When you pull the velcro, there seems to be a lot of strain on the stitching; like the velcro patch will eventually fray apart. There are no high water pockets. If wearing under waders and your wader pocket has become wet or you are standing in high water, fleece lined high water pockets on your jacket are a very nice feature. I bought this jacket for a march pattern, but the features don't live up to the products Drake is producing. I would have kept if it was comparable.

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