Burris Optics, Speed Bead Beretta Review: Initially skeptical

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Initially skeptical


Having used numerous sights in over 30 years in the Marine Corps Infantry/Force Recon business, I was skeptical of a sight for this price/size. I'm also a bit of a traditionalist with my shotguns. I purchased the sight, mounted it on to my xtrema2, sighted it in and took it duck hunting the next day. At first shooting light and into the morning I was pleased. It takes a bit of getting used to (I wanted to look around it instead of through it). After multiple duck hunts I hammered the ducks, in particular on long range shots. Anyhow, it's staying on the xtrema2. Pro: small size, durability, holds zero even with magnum loads, low profile. Cons: lost the cover on the first hunt. Overall: I think it's worth the money. I rarely rate anything with 5*s, but this item deserves all 5!