Xtreme Duckers

Frigid rain, driving sleet, blinding snow and relentless salt spray -- hardcore waterfowlers live to hunt in Xtreme conditions and so must their shotgun. Beretta's A400 Xtreme features Kick-Off MEGA's 70% recoil reduction, Blink's 36% faster cycling of any 12ga. load, and Aqua Technology's exclusive corrosion proof barrier. These features combine to produce the Xtreme's never quit, show no mercy attitude that will reign in the most Xtreme conditions imaginable. Know No Limits -- Go Xtreme. What’s even better, thanks to the unique Beretta gas system, the new A400 Xtreme shoots any size 12-gauge load, from 2 ¾" to 3 ½" reliably and with the same weight and balance as a 3" shotgun.

KickOff 3
Laboratory tests have shown two distinct peaks in recoil. The explosion of the ammunition is the first; the impact of the bolt against the receiver is the second. Kick-Off 3 is a third hydraulic damper that cushions this stress on the mechanical components and further reduces recoil by an additional 10% for a total recoil reduction of 70%.

KickOff M
The new Kick-Off MEGA reduces recoil 60% more than any other shotgun of it's kind on the market, and provides Xtreme comfort because the stock area that makes contact with the face remains stationary. Kick-Off MEGA and Kick-Off 3 are integral to the design of Beretta's A400 Xtreme and comes standard on all models.

Aqua Technology provides corrosion resistance to ensure all internal and external metallic components remain impervious to every extreme element you may encounter.


Beretta makes the best barrels in the world. Starting with proprietary tri-alloy steel (Ni/Cr/Mo), the metal goes through a unique manufacturing process. Deep hole drilling, cold-hammer forging, and vacuum distension create the very best ballistic performance available.

OptimaBore HP
Optima-Bore® HP geometry was conceived to offer the best ballistic performance available, even with steel shot. The shot pattern remains perfectly uniform whatever the shell size or load. Optima-Bore HP choke tubes further enhance the effect.

Micro Core
Micro-Core is an innovative recoil pad developed by Beretta with the benefit of decades of real-world experience. The techno-polymer material is softer and lighter than rubber and expands its surface area on the shoulder, giving the Xtreme secure and precise support.

Blink is the new “engine” of the Xtreme, and it is 36% faster than any other shotgun. Within the gas system, an innovative piston with an elastic scraper functions as a gasket, keeping the gun cleaner and making the Xtreme the most reliable shotgun available.

The new forend cap offers a safe and fast locking system that makes it easier to assemble and disassemble your shotgun. The cap is closed simply with a 60° rotation and a “click”.

Description Chamber Reciever Color Weight Choke Type
A400 XTREME Syn Camo (RT Max 4) 2", 3" & 3.5" Camo 7.6 lbs Optima Bore HP (3)
C, Mod, Full
A400 XTREME Synthetic 2", 3" & 3.5" Green Adonized 7.6 lbs Optima Bore HP (3)
C, Mod, Full


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