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-Pro- *Rechargable Batterie *Ambidextrous *Fits Full Frame,Compact, Sub-Compact Px4 models and other products of course *Very user friendly easy to operate and adjust *Does what it was built for -Cons- *Have to realign laser sight after every 3-8 rounds being fired. (Note)This was mounted on a Px4 .40 Sub-Compact *Pulsating laser(Note)See other comments below -Other Comments- *I love every other aspects of this laser product, the major down fall is having to realign sights constantly. This to me becames an issue due to the fact I utilize this laser on my personal for protection. Scenario: You have a shootout 1vs1 of course the laser will become of use, but lets say the 1 individual has another car enroute with 5 people. Then it becomes 6vs1 I would rather take my chances with my fixed sights. I understand that this may never happen but I always perpare for the worst case situations call me pessimistic. I was shooting a target at 35-45 meters. I also do understand that statistics say majority of gun battles happens within 6-8ft from your current position. Can you really say that comment? You decided. *Pulsating laser, I understand the reason behind it(for people that dosen't utilize google), but I personally would rather have a steady green laser beam versus pulsating. In the description it does not mention a pulsating factor, but it sure indeed does pulsate. My own comment: If you were prone to epilepsy would this pulsating factor be an issue? I am no doctor and if the answer is YES to the pulsating factor then I would atleast make that note under descriptions. -Final Thoughts- *I gave this product a 4 star rating because it is in all a good product, I loved every Pro of this green laser. My only reasoning for the 1 star being knocked off is do to both Cons, I wish pulsating factor would be mentioned in descriptions, and mainly the realignment of sights after a few rounds.


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For the rate that tried to make my 1st review look bad, they changed the description of it. Now it stats that it is pulsating, when before it didn't. So sorry......

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Product Description


For the person who said there is no indication this is a pulsating laser: The first line of the description from the LaserMax site: " High visibility pulsating green laser". Most of us research products before we buy them.


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