LaserMax Rechargeable Green Laser for Beretta PX4 Compact/Subcompact & 92/96 series w/rail Review: Pro vs Cons

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Pro vs Cons


-Pro- *Rechargable Batterie *Ambidextrous *Fits Full Frame,Compact, Sub-Compact Px4 models and other products of course *Very user friendly easy to operate and adjust *Does what it was built for -Cons- *Have to realign laser sight after every 3-8 rounds being fired. (Note)This was mounted on a Px4 .40 Sub-Compact *Pulsating laser(Note)See other comments below -Other Comments- *I love every other aspects of this laser product, the major down fall is having to realign sights constantly. This to me becames an issue due to the fact I utilize this laser on my personal for protection. Scenario: You have a shootout 1vs1 of course the laser will become of use, but lets say the 1 individual has another car enroute with 5 people. Then it becomes 6vs1 I would rather take my chances with my fixed sights. I understand that this may never happen but I always perpare for the worst case situations call me pessimistic. I was shooting a target at 35-45 meters. I also do understand that statistics say majority of gun battles happens within 6-8ft from your current position. Can you really say that comment? You decided. *Pulsating laser, I understand the reason behind it(for people that dosen't utilize google), but I personally would rather have a steady green laser beam versus pulsating. In the description it does not mention a pulsating factor, but it sure indeed does pulsate. My own comment: If you were prone to epilepsy would this pulsating factor be an issue? I am no doctor and if the answer is YES to the pulsating factor then I would atleast make that note under descriptions. -Final Thoughts- *I gave this product a 4 star rating because it is in all a good product, I loved every Pro of this green laser. My only reasoning for the 1 star being knocked off is do to both Cons, I wish pulsating factor would be mentioned in descriptions, and mainly the realignment of sights after a few rounds.