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Beretta B - WonderWool X-Warm Long Sleeve Tee

# IM081T06580924S

100% jersey merino wool X-Warm long sleeves t - shirt.

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100% jersey merino wool X-Warm long sleeves t - shirt.

The property of merino wool give the garment natural temperature control that facilitates the body's adaption to the climate change and maintains the breathability of the fabric.

The B - WonderWool garments thank to the natural structure of the fiber ensure a high degree of breathability.

The particular composition of the fabric in 100% natural fiber treated with special finishing techniques, ensures the maximum comfort when worn, not only in the athletic context, but in any dynamic situation where the fit has to facilitate the movement of the body to the utmost.

The hygroscopic properties that naturally characterize merino wool facilitate the evaporation of watery vapor, maintaining the skin dry and keeping the body temperature constant.

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