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Beretta Serengeti Safari Jacket

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The traditional safari jacket meets contemporary society.

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Safari jacket, garment dyed, in cotton.
A legendary garment, originally designed for the purpose of going on Safari in the African bush. Today the Safari jacket completes the outfit of those who live to travel and explore: the ideal complement of a sophisticated yet informal look, providing comfort to the style-conscious traveler - in the urban jungle as well as in the real one.

Inspired by the wide-open spaces of the fascinating African plain, the Beretta Serengeti line takes the concept of the Safari apparel to new heights of technical and sartorial excellence. Every single feature of these garments - from fabrics, to detail richness and quality - was carefully tailored to satisfy even the most discerning traveler. The result is a great lightweight outdoor option for Spring/Summer. Inspired by performance but updated in Italy for the well-dressed gentleman/woman, this line successfully links masculine functionality to refined style.

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