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The Uberti 2nd Model Dragoon is a safely shootable replica of a Colt revolver originally introduced in the late 1840’s, which remained in use up to and including the Civil War. Round 7 ½” barrel, blued finish, .44 caliber, 6-shot cylinder, brass backstrap and trigger guard, black powder only.

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The Colt Dragoon was a slightly scaled-down version of the massive 1847 Walker revolver and, as the name suggests, was issued to Dragoon (medium cavalry) regiments. Three Dragoon variants were produced from 1848 to 1863, while the model became increasingly popular with civilians as well. Shorter than its predecessor (barrel, cylinder and frame were reduced in length) the Dragoon was a reliable and particularly efficient weapon against its single-shot opponent of the day. Only the arrival of the .44 caliber Army '60, a still lighter and more manageable arm, rendered the Dragoon obsolete in the early '60s.

Today’s enthusiasts and collectors find the heft and the majestic appearance of the Uberti 2nd Model Dragoon to be an asset; furthermore, the revolver’s accuracy and ease of operation makes it also ideal for the novice black-powder shooter.  

Five Years Limited Warranty

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This is Cool!


I purchased this because I am going to use it in Cowboy Action Shooting. (SASS or Single Action Shooting Society). It's great quality and is a heavy firearm.

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