Uberti Model 1861 Navy, Brass trigger guard

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The Uberti 1851 Navy is a fully-functional replica of one of Colt’s most successful designs. Also carried by famed wild West gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok, it is noted for its accuracy, reliability and sturdiness. Octagonal barrel, blue/colorcase finish, brass backstrap and triggerguard, .36 caliber, 6-shot capacity, black powder only.

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Uberti 1851 Navy Black Powder Revolver

The pedigree of the 1851 Navy goes all the way back to Colt’s first design, the 1836-vintage Paterson revolver. The Paterson was an elegant firearm and the first truly successful revolving gun, but its overly-complex mechanism made it cumbersome to produce and awkward to operate. Years later, Samuel Colt decided to beef up his 1849 pocket-revolver design—in turn, an evolution of the 1848 Dragoon family—thereby creating the 1851 Navy. Its designation stems principally from the engraving on the cylinder, which represents Texas naval forces at the battle of Campeche (1843). The 1851 Navy became an instant success thanks to its sleek lines, good ergonomics, accuracy and easy operation. It saw extensive use in the Civil War and afterwards, most famously in the hands of legendary gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok.

Closer to our times, Uberti’s replica of this important firearm was immortalized in the Sergio Leone classic The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, in both percussion and cartridge configurations. Today, it gives modern enthusiasts the chance to own, shoot and show off this fantastic piece of Americana.

Five Years Limited Warranty

Please note: service on Uberti black powder revolvers is performed directly through the Uberti / Stoeger customer service, which can be contacted by following this link. Your Uberti black powder revolver is covered by Uberti’s 5 years extended warranty—like all Uberti firearms imported by Stoeger. A new Uberti firearm is warranted only to the original retail purchaser, for 5 years from the date of purchase. You do not need to register your firearm (online or warranty card) to be covered by the warranty. The warranty will be validated by the serial number of your firearm. We do recommend keeping a copy of your original proof of purchase.

To obtain warranty service: Please contact Uberti / Stoeger at this link.

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5 out of 5

A wonderful look at history


A fun piece to shoot, It's a a bit involved, but makes you look at those old western movies in a different light. Well made, shoots accurate. I gave it 5 stars because I rate things as compared to what I expected and wanted from an item as well as what it is intended for. In other words, I didn't expect to use this item as a tennis racket. This piece allows you to hold history in your hand, to use the item just as the original users would have. To imagine what it was like. It also allows you to see how far and advanced technology has become in just one industry. I find it amazing. I think you will too.

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