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Beretta Women's Shooting Fleece

# FW032T06560321S
$199.00 $79.60

Women's shooting fleece jacket, in Polartec Power Grid® stretch

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Shooting fleece jacket, in Polartec Power Grid® stretch.
The higher technology to let you give the best and reach the perfect performance. Breathability and elasticity make this shooting fleece jacket the best garment to wear during a shooting competition. The Polartec® Power Grid™ fabrics are designed to keep your skin dry at any time, following the Beretta patented management and designed on the shooters own movements.

Shooting Cover
Shooting Cover is a line of jackets and fleeces to keep you comfortable in colder conditions and in case of rain. They are made of tech fabrics for maximum ease of movement and to keep you protected without affecting your shooting performance even in the most tough weather conditions.

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