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2ND MOD. DRAGOON (A. Uberti)
  • 2ND MOD. DRAGOON (A. Uberti)
  • 2ND MOD. DRAGOON (A. Uberti)


Stock No: UB0081


These three famous Dragoon models were produced from 1848 to 1863 and were an evolution of the Walker.
Shorter than its predecessor (barrel, cylinder and frame were reduced in length) the Dragoon was a reliable and particularly efficient weapon against its single shot opponent of the day.
Only the arrival of the .44 caliber Army '60, a still lighter and more manageable arm, rendered the Dragoon obsolete in the early '60s.
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Caliber .44
Length of Barrel 7 1/2"
No. of Grooves 7
Twist left
Overall Length 13 1/2"
Weight 3.974 Lbs.
Cylinder 6 shots engraved
Barrel forged steel, round forward of lug
Frame forged, colour case hardened steel
Backstrap brass
Triggerguard brass square
Grip one piece walnut
2nd Model Dragoon This differs from the 1st model in the cylinder bolt slot, which is square in section instead of oval.
3rd Model Dragoon Civilian This differs from the 2nd in the round backstrap
3rd Model Dragoon (Frame cut fot shoulder stock) This differs from the 3rd Civilian in the frame, cut for shoulder stock.
Dragoon Whitneyville It's like the Walker but with Dragoon barrel and cylinder.
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